Morning prayer

I'm a slow to wake up kind of a girl, and usually spend at least 5 minutes in a semi-awake state laying in bed praying over my day before I even open my eyes. Although the words change on a daily basis, the themes do not. I thought you might enjoy hearing what is in my heart each morning.

Dear sweet Jesus
Thank you for another day here on earth (though I'd rather be with you in Heaven!) I know there is a reason why You need me to be here today, so I'll pretend that I don't mind being stuck here a little bit longer.
I pray that You would guide my day, and keep me in the center of Your will. Show me what You want me to do, and don't laugh at me when I mess up. (Becuase I'm pretty sure I won't make it through breakfast.)
Be at the center of my interactions with my friends and family. Help me to be the mother/wife/friend that You want me to be. Use me to bless someone else's day.
Help me to not be focused on tangible things, because I know that nothing in this world will last. Help me to look past my ugly living room furniture, the dent in my car, and the huge mess my children will surely make. Help me to not be discouraged when things don't turn out the way I expect them to. This day is not about me and my personal agenda, it's about You using me to make a difference on my little corner of the world. I trust that by my (trying to) stay in Your will this day will go exactly according to Your plan. We all know that Your plan is better than mine.
Provide for and protect us and... (insert the name of every person I can think of, which usually includes a list of missionaries which varies in length depending on whether I feel like getting up or staying snuggled in my bed)


so what do you pray for in those early moments of your day?

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