We heard word of this storm over the weekend, before it hit California. A two wave storm that would drop 14-16 inches, blowing and drifting, and an inch of ice. It was enough to send our little community into a tizzy of preparations.
Not us, mind you. One of the beautiful things about my life is that the kids and I don't have to go anywhere in order to function normally. Work and school all happens in this little hub that we call home. So while we have a constant pile of wet mittens and socks by the door, we hunker down and prepare for the worst, knowing we'll probably get a fraction of what is predicted.
So yesterday, while we were waiting for the second round to hit, we decided to have an impromptu play date with some friends who had the day off from school. Despite the frigid temps and biting wind, Alex and Jake built a snowfort. We moms on the otherhand, watched from the warm kitchen and kept the boys (and a few random girls that occasionally stepped out to assist them) supplied with hot chocolate. A very important job indeed.

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