Shh! Don't tell anyone...

There are some crafts that I just never thought I'd get into. Needlework is one of them. Talk about tedious, and when you're done you end up with something an old lady would make. No thanks.
But I have a secret. This winter I've actually become addicted to needlework. Yes, it can be tedious, but it also doesn't require brain power, (which is a good thing at the end of the day when my brain is worn out). It's a perfect quiet activity to keep my fingers busy while I'm watching tv, or listening to the kids work on their schoolwork.
And as for being a craft for old ladies? Not so much. I'm such a doodler, this is just a new medium for my doodling. Yes, my friends there are many projects around here that would benefit from a little Mama doodling.

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Kathy said...

Elisa -are you familiar with Knifty Knitter (http://www.provocraft.com/products/index.products.php?cl=knifty%20knitter)? I have the round set and have been pumping out hats and scarves like crazy. It is also addictive and mindless, especially since you don't have to keep track of stitches (which is my problem with crocheting), just rows. I'm going to get the rectangle set next. :-) --Kathy


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