What Mama makes - snow sleeves

It's been an issue since I was a kid. That gap between your mitten and your coat. Worst. Thing. Ever. It's a magnet for snow and cold. Sure you can keep tucking your mitten into your coat, but what normal 7 -8 year old wants to stop playing to do that? Not mine.
So what to we do? I have been dreaming about these snow sleeves for years now, but never really got around to making them. This was the year. They were super simple to make. I took 2 rectangles of fleece (left over from one of Grandma's crafty projects) and sewed them together, wrong sides together. Then I sewed the edges together (making a long tube), flipped it inside out, and cut and sewed a notch for the thumb. Since I didn't have a pattern, it took me a while to get the sizing right for the thumb.
I originally intended for these to be worn under store bought gloves, but sadly with 2 layers of fleece, those gloves won't fit over top. So I made some mittens that do. On a not so cold day, (or when one of the specially made mittens is missing) my kids will use those little knit stretchy gloves and put them on underneath their sleeves.

These have become a winter staple in our wardrobe. I'll be making a pair for myself here shortly.
On a side note, if you wanted to make some quick ones you might think about cutting the end off of a long sock or an old shirt sleeve and finishing the edges for a lighter weight version...


Dad said...

Very clever! I like it! Now how about this: a double-hole "mitten". Two arm holes, lots of room in the hand area. That way two lovebirds (like me and grandma) could still hold hands on our winter walks.
Did I hear somebody say "cottage industry"?

Mom said...



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