General Nerdiness

Whether you homeschool or you just have nerdy kids like I do, here are a few fun things that we've enjoyed this week.
Brainpop - a website with fantastic learning games, movies, activities. You can register, but they have a ton of great free activities. I broke the "no video games" rule with this one and let them play the animal classification and the US symbols games

Worldmusic.net - we've been studying world cultures this year, and our public library has a handful of the cd's from this site. I recommend starting with World Music for Children (my kids loved it) and branching out from there. The only one that was a little "too out there" for our tastes was Balkan Gypsies - it sounded like cat scratchings. Everything else has been delightful.
I recently discovered that you can listen to the cd's on the website, so I can pull up something random (like the Scottish Folk that I'm listening to right now) while I'm working and not have to put up with the crap that comes up on the radio...
Oh, and in our world cultures studies this week we've been learning about the Mayans, so we made some fun little weaving using a makeshift loom. This will become a scarf for Louisa's beloved Foxy. There are also plans in the works for a warm blanket for Foxy and perhaps Alex's favorite stuffed critter, Sparky.

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the link! I'll add that to the list of "allowed" links.


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