I think as mothers we all believe we are the only mother on the planet who doesn't have her act together. I'm guilty of comparing myself to the Hollywood moms on sitcoms that have immaculate houses and lawns, and children who are silent when they're not on camera. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that all those other blogger moms live Hollywood lives and I'm the only one who doesn't.

It takes a brave woman to admit that she really doesn't have her act together.

With that said, lets be real about what life really looks like in this house.

3 kids who are home all day, who don't watch tv or play video games = a really messy house. Legos, books, art supplies, jewelry, coats, boots, and crumpled paper. In every corner of my house. Every day. And I really really hate yelling at them to clean it up as they go, so I usually let it accumulate until dinner time.
For those of you who actually know my kids, they might seem well mannered and polite. They aren't. They lie, cheat and steal with the rest of them. And yes, I have been known to explode when they don't listen to me, which usually happens at least once a day.
Our house is not stylish. I was sort of waiting to decorate it until the kids got a little older and stopped jumping on the furniture. Well I'm starting to think that'll happen when they've left for college. So my couch from the early 80's... Yea... I guess it'll just have to last a little longer.
Oh, and while we're on the topic of our house. Lets just say this one wasn't built for a family of 6.
In a perfect world we'd be able to use our 2 acre advantage to add another 2-3 rooms onto this house. I'd love to have dormatory style rooms for kids (one for girls, one for boys) with a play area / school space between the rooms. But I can't even think about making those kinds of investments until we have our adoption debt paid off...

At the risk of letting our adoption agency know what our house really looks like... this is what my house really looks like.

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Kathy said...

Elissa - if it makes you feel any better, yours is cleaner than mine. :-) I often thought it would be nice to bring pictures to MOPS of what our houses REALLY look like.

I've had to relent on the no video game rule on school days. The pollen count here is so high and there's so much coughing that I've been instructed (by Chris) to keep the kids inside. It's like having two super-bouncy balls in a small space! All that physical energy needs to be directed somewhere. So, active-only Wii games are allowed after all work is done (30 min. max).


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