Mittens for Pakistan

Our church is collecting items to go in Action Packs, that will eventually go to persecuted Christians in Pakistan. One of the requested items was mittens. I happen to have a huge stash of fleece scraps left over from mitten making. Coincidence? Not likely.
I've committed to making 10 pairs for my persecuted sisters and brothers. While I'm leery of doing anything that might get them in trouble (ie stitching crosses onto the front, or prayers into the linings) there's no law against prayer. My late night sewing forays are the perfect opportunity to pray over each mitten as I make it, to pray for the hands that will receive them, for the working and worshipping each hand does.
What a wonderful way to connect with my fellow believers. I'm not sure who will be more blessed by the transaction, the maker or the receiver...
Now if I could keep my children from swiping them to play with I'd be in good shape.

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