What's that sound?

It's demolition day here at the Peterson house!

A few years back we had the opportunity to purchase the abandoned lot that was next to ours. It wasn't a very pretty sight, a saggy house that had seen better days, and mulch 6 feet deep that had been illegally dumped by a local tree cutting service. But we were tired of looking at it, and we knew that no one in their right mind would be interested in it.
Being the gardeners that we are, we used up a fraction of the mulch, then had the rest leveled out and turned our attention to the house. We were originally going to have do a controlled burn with the local fire department, but after 3 years of trying to get that pushed through, they finally declined the offer. (I have to wonder if Walter's barn fire had anything to do with that decision.) Regardless, we put in a contract with a local demolition/salvage yard, and after some more waiting and red tape we are finally able to celebrate.
I think I just heard the entire community sigh with relief.



Happy demolition day!


Mom said...

Thank you for recording before, during and after pics, Elissa. I am looking forward to the gardening we can do with the rich soil now uncovered.

Shelley Davis said...

Beautiful!!! How are the Peterson/Petroson's doing? Any word on when you will be traveling?


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