One last journal

With all the craziness that's swirling around my head this winter it's nice to have a project that can be put down and picked up again at a later point in time. Sewing doesn't crumble into a crying screaming fit when it is ignored (like some members of this household - we won't mention names, ahem) nor does it start to smell funky. My kind of project.
However, the problem when you have 3 children that are close in age is you can never just make one of anything. With that in mind Miss Annabel needed a little journal just for her. While I liked the idea of the cardboard insert that I put into Louisa's journal, I didn't love the binding, the darned thing just doesn't stay shut. Of course that didn't phase Louisa, but it annoyed the bejeezus out of me. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a more flexible binding for Annie's.
I started with all the same materials, so all the measurements were the same, except when it came to the cardboard. I cut two pieces that were 4 x 5 1/2. Then I followed the same procedure I had just done for Louisa's journal - pinned the pockets in place and sewed, pinned and sewed the inside and outside panels on 3 sides, leaving the 4th side open for the cardboard inserts. I then slid the first cardboard panel in and stitched. I read somewhere that my presser foot doesn't like to be uneven, so I propped up the other side of the foot with a little bit of cardboard on top of my project and stitched down the valley between the two pieces of cardboard. Then I measured over about a half inch and put down a line of stitching to start the pocket for the second cardboard insert. Slip the cardboard into the opening and hand stitched it shut. Glue a cute flower on the front and Yahoo! A cute little journal that actually stays shut.
But in the end, Annie was less than excited about the binding that wasn't just like her sister's. Of course.

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