A Jory sized sewing project...

One of the things I love best about sewing is designing and creating something that is just what someone needed. Whether it be snow sleeves, mittens to fit over thick snow sleeves, or a personalized journal, I take great pride in letting my family "order" exactly what they want, whether I know how to make it or not. Since everything is custom made, I rarely work with patterns. For me, figuring out how to construct something is half the fun of the project. Sure we've had some epic failures, but there's always a learning curve.
With that in mind, last night I embarked on a new design project. My darling husband is an avid motorcyclist, and while he loves spending long days on his motorcycle he is not thrilled about the sunburn he always gets on his wrist in the gap between his jacket and his gloves. So we revisited the snow sleeve concept I made for the kids a while back. He wanted something lighter weight, that would fit snugly against his arm so that it stayed in place without having to go on over his thumb. Also it needed to be something that was easy to get on and off with one hand. In otherwords something that didn't resemble the snow sleeves in any way, shape or form. Oy. Without really knowing what i was doing, I got out some fabric and started stitching away. What we ended up with was this. Our prototype motorcycle sleeve. It is wider at the bottom than at the top (like a lamp shade) so that it fits snugly at both his wrist and on his fore arm. Then he wanted for it to close with buttons, so I put a button on the top and bottom.
While it's still a little chilly to be out cruising the town on the Harley, I'm sure the bike will be out at some point this month, and we'll find out just what I did wrong with plenty of time to fix it before his next marathon bike trip.

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