April = outside time

So while there's a good month until the weather improves enough for our community to fully embrace the outdoors, we Petersons are a special kind of crazy. We've been known to go out while there's still snow on the ground to get a jump on the season. In reality when you garden on the scale that we do, there's always something that needs to be done. Not much has changed since I posted the current state of the gardens photos last week, our beds are still pretty dead and brown. But there is much to be done in preparation for another growing season that will be upon us before we know it. I spent most of the day outside yesterday thinking I could knock a few things off the list. Not so much. I think my to do list must be breeding, because it's longer now than it was earlier. Drat.

The done list:

* find a home the handful of daffodil bulbs that had been churned up by the demo project

* divide/relocate the irises that also met the bulldozer (but survived just fine)

All that stuff went into the Rose of Sharon garden I showed you earlier.

* Measure out and make a preliminary fence for the new veggie garden that'll go in that half acre of soil turned up by the demo.

I was originally going to fence off about 3/4s of that area for veggies, but then I came to my senses. Really, I don't need to plant enough food to feed an entire village. I settled on an area about 4x the size of my original garden. If I get all that space filled in, then I'll worry about expanding.

On the list for this week:

* compost/mulch the 3 gardens I showed you in addition to the new veggie bed

* finish purchasing seeds for veggie bed, and figure out a new support system for the peas and tomatoes.

*find homes for the 50ish daffodil bulbs that are randomly scattered around after the demo. (Anybody want some bulbs? Free to a good home!)

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