the land of 20 grand

Before we even started our adoption process, we were warned that it would take at least $35,000 (before travel expenses) to bring our little guy into our family. Before we made that commitment we looked really hard at our finances, counted all our pennies, and scratched our heads. We figured out that we had a $7,000 gap in between what we could put together in a year, and our "before travel" total.

The idea of me getting a job was out, our lives revolve around me being at home, and the economy is in the toilet anyway. The chances of me getting a decent job that would pay well enough to offset the huge upheaval that my employment would cause were slim to none.

So we hit our knees in prayer. Our answer from God was simple. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Take the blind leap. We were confident that God wouldn't command for us to do something and then not give us the resources to do it.

So we took the blind leap. We strategized our fundraising plan. We put together an army of people who wanted to help us with our task. We took photos for 3 months last fall and did quite well, bringing in nearly $5,000. But when November hit our photography project fizzled out for the winter. We got a little nervous, knowing we were still short. So we started putting our other fundraising plans into place. We had a whole notebook full of great ideas that would have worked. If we could have used our church. Our church decided to make a "no fundraising policy" this fall, effectively sinking nearly all of my event plans.

We got really nervous.

But we clung to the promise that it was all a part of the plan. God was going to provide, and He wasn't going to use my plans to do it.

So out of ideas and nearly out of money we did what anyone would do. Cried out to God and twiddled our thumbs while we waited for Him to show up.

And He did. $300 from one friend, $500 from another. Check by check, not only did God fill in the $7,000 gap, but at this point He's dropped $20,000 in our laps. Just when I think He's given us our last check, someone else hands me an envelop. We're excited to see just how much more He's going to give us. And we can't wait to tell you just how faithful He's been. One thing for sure, when this crazy ride is over... we're going to have a lot of paying it forward to do...

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Shelley Davis said...

beautiful! i love your family!


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