dreaming of a little boy in a far off land

We recently received our travel information for our first trip to Russia (yahoo!). This is not the trip where we will take custody and bring our little dude home. It will probably be closer to September before he can come back with us. But we are so thrilled to be another step closer to being a family of 6. While there is a flurry of travel arranging happening I can't help but daydream about what it will be like to see my baby again. Those eyes, that giggle. Will he still call Jory "Bop"? Too bad I can't cram Alex into my carry-on. As nervous as we are about the international travel, I can't wait to experience my son in his native culture and bring home an appreciation for what his homeland is like.

Don't worry little dude, Mama's on her way... and yes, I am bringing you more matchbox cars...

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