Percy Jackson - the new Harry Potter

Perhaps you've eard of him? He's Alex's new best friend...

Alex and I were recently introduced to the Percy Jackson series. Percy, the son of Poseidon, is an unlikely superhero who in his series Percy Jackson and the Olympians takes on the likes of Ares (the war god) and Medusa, he also challenges no good mythological creatures like Cerberus, Cyclops and a host of others. While I personally find the story line of to be slightly reminiscent of the Harry Potter series, they are equally well written, and a joy to read.
Besides, who doesn't love discussing Greek mythology with their 8 year old?
When Alex finished his first book The Lightning Thief I had him design his own project based on the book. Alex decided to make a book illustrating Mt. Olympus as it is described at one point in the book. Some of the illustrations he could draw based on what was described, others needed a little bit of research. (What exactly does a hippodrome look like?)

So move over Harry Potter... a more educational, less scary, Percy Jackson is here to stay.


Dad said...

Alex also needs to meet Tom Swift and Joe Hardy. And the girls need to meet Nancy Drew and Iola Morton.

Kathy said...

Elissa - Thanks for the recommendation. A friend of mine volunteers in her school library and recommends Percy Jackson as well.
Alan - thanks for the classics reminder. I'm hoping to read some out loud this summer (was leaning more Stevenson and Verne though).
The Last Dragon Chronicles have been a hit around here this year. We now have three generations reading them.
So many great books...


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