Garden Study - April

I have one word to describe my garden right now and that would be wet. We've had rain, rain and more rain, which means my plants are happy, but certain parts of my yard have succumbed to the flood. That's what I get for living in a swamp, right?
Regardless, I have some new "big picture" shots from the garden so you can see how things are coming along. First we have the front garden. Which actually has stuff growing in it now, and therefore looks more like a garden. Sadly not much is blooming yet, so it's still not that exciting. We've got some daffodils and some grape hyacinths out, but that's about it for our April blooms.
So you can compare the growth between this month and last I put my photo from March first

Here's the swell garden, it has lots of new growth, but not a lot of blooming yet... again last months photo is first...

And last of all, I have the Rose of Sharon garden. This one is a little bit more wild and unruly, I let more native plants hang out here than I generally tolerate in my other beds, so if it looks a little rougher that's why. That and the mulch that was illegally dumped here a few years back makes it rather difficult to mow. Ahem.

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