We don't need no stinking eggs...

The eggs never got colored, or even hunted for...
the Easter candy was never purchased, let alone filled any baskets...
Easter finery was worn, but there are no photos to prove it.
I had grand schemes of how to make this Easter "bigger and better" than the previous, but somehow never quite got around to doing any of it.
But this was the best Easter we've had in a long time.
The fact that we didn't end up at the golden arches for a lonely lunch by ourselves (again) might have something to do with it.
So what did we do? A delicious lunch at our dear friends house, followed by some pick-up baseball in their backyard, a trip to the park to show them the "tree-pee" we discovered earlier this week, followed up by dinner together at Jory's favorite Mexican restaurant.

That my friends is how you celebrate Easter.
Who needs eggs.

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