a cure for the crankies

Here at home we're winding down our school year, which means:
2. No one wants to do any more work. Period. Including Mama.
We've had a serious case of the crankies in our house, the kids are relentlessly picking on each other, and we're all stuck inside due to the crummy weather. Messy house? Yes. Stressed out Mama? How'd you guess?
Yesterday was the first warm day we've had in weeks, so it was time for a field trip. I took the kids on our first nature walk of the spring. We went down by the river to marvel at how high the water level was and how fast the current was moving. Then Mama plopped herself down on a sunny log while Alex threw rocks and tree bark canoes into the current and the girls explored a wooded area filled with flood debris.

The girls ended up discovering a "tree-pee" that someone had made using flood debris. Someone with a rather elaborate imagination and a little too much free time had taken some decent sized tree logs and constructed a tee pee large enough for me to walk inside. That was the end of Alex's tree bark canoe races.

All 3 kids managed to play together for a whole hour without bickering and a happy Mama found yet another sunny log to enjoy.

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