gift bags for a little friend

You might remember the gift sacks that I made for Christmas and
the girls birthday . I am still debating about whether to eliminate wrapping paper all together or to go full out sacks from now on. Sacks for only us? immediate family? close friends? I'm not sure I'll ever have an answer, but I did want to share a sack that I made for a friend's birthday party that we're going to later this week. For my family I know that we'll be recycling our pieces so I've been making straight up bags with separate embellishments to keep things interchangeable. But for our little friend, I didn't figure her mom was going to recycle the bag as gift wrap, so interchangeability wasn't an issue.

I started with a pre-made bag out of my stash and some felt scraps. I cut out the oval and the letters (luckily her name was short, poor Annabel will never see her name spelled out in felt), the flower was from my crafty stash... I stitched the oval on with embroidery floss, and glued the letters and flower with fabric glue. The whole thing might have taken an hour. Now little Joy has a bag to keep her treasures in.

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