back to the craftiness

It's been an interesting week around here. Thanks for sticking with me as we took the time to see God's glory in the situation. But frankly enough is enough, it's time to stop crying over material possessions. It's time to get back to the crafts.
With that said, I made a project last week that turned out so cute I wanted to share it. I swiped my mother's cricut and her give a hoot cartridge and cut out these little cuties to hang in a collection of frames in my bedroom.

(disregard the less than stellar photo, I have a good reason...)

I love the look of quirky, custom made art, but frankly I can't afford it. Also, I get tired of looking at the same things on my walls day after day so it's fun to make something quick and easy (not to mention cheap!) that I can swap out in a few weeks when it's time for something new.

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