Victory is mine...

I've been thinking a lot about victory this week. Seeking it, searching for it, looking for the teeny little hidden ones that I can string together to make into a beautiful necklace that only I can see. Would you like to see some of the tiny victories that I choose to adorn myself with?

* making healthier eating choices in the morning (fruit for my morning snack instead of cookies). Even skinny girls make bad choices about their foods.
* not giving in to that stupid video game that taunts me all day long, or that email account that doesn't really need to be checked again
* not yelling at my kid that did that horrible thing
* choosing peace instead of pain
* choosing Joy over crankiness
* getting a handful of halfway decent shots with my ancient kodak easy share camera that isn't as horrible as I think it is

What victories are you adorning yourself with today? Leave a comment so we can all rejoice in your victory with you.

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ
1 Cor. 15:57


Mom said...

rejoicing that I found morel mushrooms in my neigbor's yard!

Anonymous said...

"I stand alone on the quiet field of battle. The streams run red with the blood of my vanquished foes. I am not unmarked, but by wounds are not mortal, and they are all in the front. My blade is guided by a Higher Power, but I must wield it. I must rest, for there are more battles to face on the morrow. I doubt not that I - We - will be victorious. The cost is great, but the Prize is dear." -Unknown


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