We are so greatful to be on American soil again. As sweet as our little trip has been it's good to be home where I can communicate with the people around me, read street signs, and drink tap water.
But anyway, I'm sure that you all are excited to hear about our adventure, and we are excited to share with you. Instead of doing one massive brain dump Jory and I have sort of pooled our thoughts into a series of blog posts. So every day next week we'll take an aspect of the trip and scrutinize it, shake it around, turn it upside down and pour it out for you to read. In a way these trips will serve as Max's birth story, so we are trying to be very careful about recording and preserving as much of it as we can, and we figured since we are being so proactive in our records that we might as well share them with you.

The posts won't necessarily be a chronological moment by moment approach, but rather a topic by topic approach, with our thoughts on Russian culture, architecture and best of all, our sweet little boy.


Sue Witmer said...

Looking forward to reading about all your thoughts about your extraordinary trip! Welcome home! (BTW, what a beautiful moment you captured in this photo)

Melissa said...

Great photo. i saw this on Facebook through Russian Kids Galore. I can't wait to learn more about your little boy and your first trip. You can read about our journey to our son Colby at www.adoptingcolby.blogspot.com


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