Hello again from Arkhangelsk! Things over here are still going according to plan. We had our first visit with max yesterday and are planning to have another play date with him today after breakfast.
As far as trips go, this one has been rather enjoyable. Photos have been taken, memories have been made. When I return home I'll be able to go more into depth about all that we've seen and done, but for now I have a couple of one liners that stood as Facebook status updates that pretty much sum up life as it currently stands. Since I know not all of you get those updates (hi Dad!) I thought I should share them here as well... These aren't exactly in chronological order so bear with me...

The Amsterdam airport is cool. It makes my creative brain happy (but we won't talk about the fact that I'd been awake for a full 24 hours when I posted that)
Even at 2 AM it isn't totally dark in Arkhangelsk
(don't ask why I'm on Facebook at 2 AM)
St. Petersburg is a beautiful city, especially when it's 60 degrees and sunny. And you have an awesome tour guide.
Needs to tape a sign to my shirt that says "nyet pa Russky" but thanks for asking.
As nice as this little town is, I don't want to leave my baby here.
A little jealous that Jory got more hugs than I did. But that's ok, because I got photos of most of them.
Max asked to take home our empty water jug. He's definitely a Peterson.

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the updates! We are thinking of you. -Kathy


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