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I am such a distracted reader. I can never read only one book at a time. Right now I'm currently reading four. Yup, four (strange things happen when you go 6 weeks without television). Some are better than others, but all spur me on in a different direction. I thought I'd share with you all the different directions my bookshelf is pulling me, and hope that something catches your eye too and pulls you toward a better version of yourself.

Max Lucado - Outlive Your Life: first of all I'd like to recommend anything this author has ever written. Talk about an author who knows how to craft an image. But this one I just picked up last night and it's already killing me. The first chapter gives a statistic that I shared on facebook this morning about how many orphans are on the planet vs. how many Americans claim to be Christian, and how we could eliminate orphanages altogether if each person who claimed the faith would step up to the plate.

Shutter Sisters' - Expressive Photography: nearly every photography book I've ever picked up catered to the technical side of photography, which I don't need. After I learned the ins and outs of how my camera works I sort of gave up on reading books about photography because I just couldn't find anything that spurred me on creatively. This book does exactly that. Not only does it touch on different ways of using photos to tell a story, but also how to create photos that make your heart sing. Those are the photos that I want to take. Good, good stuff.

Adam Nicholson - Sissinghurst: This one is slightly obscure, even for me... but I love memoirs, the more obscure the better. The author grew up in Sissinghurst castle in the English countryside. (Dude that's cool enough right there.) But then as an adult he partners with the national trust to turn the castle from a tourist trap to it's original state as a working farm. Castles are cool. Natural gardening practices at castles are even cooler. Plus there's a lot of local history thrown in that's kind of fascinating (even if it is slightly obscure).

And last but not least:

Sage Cohen - The Productive writer: I'm not sure I'm getting as much out of this one as I am with the others. It's hard to tell others how to write, whether it's technical or creative. But if you're interested in having your voice heard than this is a great resource.

So that's what's on my bookshelf this week. I have a rather voracious appetite for the printed word, so if you know of any good reads, please please pass them along!

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