Treasures for today

Moment by moment our garden changes. As I stroll past the beds, I pause and wonder... when did those open up? When did that pop out of the ground? Holy smokes we're going to have a lot of (fill in the blank) this year.

As the craziness of summer is just beginning, and the amount of time I have to pay attention to the garden dwindles, I take a moment to pause. Not to take in the abundance of weeds (that I'm not bothering to pluck), but to take in the treasures that today has to share with me. Tomorrow I might not have a few seconds to be thrilled over each tiny new development my garden has for me, but today I do. Today I can mourn over the passing from the season of abundant lillies to the season of roses. Today I can be thrilled over those tiny buds that developed over night on my choreopsis.

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