We had the unexpected joy of having some guests show up at the last minute over the weekend. Grandma, Papa, Uncle Dan and Aunt Carolyn rolled past our house on the way from New Mexico to Washington DC. (We didn't bother to tell them we were several hours out of their way). They were driving cross country in their full sized camper and stopped by to borrow my yard for a camp ground.

Of course we had to take the camper out for a spin on the town.

And show off their toy to some of our friends (who were rather jealous).

And make some more memories.

We were a little tempted to climb in and never look back. Maine was calling our name. (Didn't you know that Maine is on the way from Ohio to Washington DC?) With a little more prep time I think we could have pulled it off. One of these days though we'll have to take them up on their offer.

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