craft escape... fabric painting

I've been desperately seeking some time with my craft supplies lately, but life has just been pulling me in too many different directions for me to be able to comply. I had a million ideas, but my tiny art table was just too burdened with other stuff to inspire any creative thoughts. The good news is over the weekend I managed to free my table from the piles and create some little pieces for my kids that they absolutely love.

I'd seen some stuff recently about painting on fabric that got my creative juices flowing. So I pulled out some acrylic paint, some stencils, fabric scraps and a little masking tape and got to work. For Alex and Annie I ended up using some reusable vinyl sticker masks (which I bought years ago, and apparently are no longer available on the internet - which is a bummer because they're awesome). Anyway I placed the mask on my fabric, taped a square off with masking tape and went to town. To make Louisa's letter, I tried an "L" stamp, but ended up hating it, so I just free hand painted it instead.

So I had letters for everyone, what to do with them... I had an abundance of cute girlie fabric so I stitched some pieces together, and slid a cardboard insert inside before closing it to make it a little sturdier. For Alex, I didn't have anything I liked, so I ended up painting some chipboard and gluing / stitching his letter to that.

To finish off the pieces I dug through my stash and pulled out some cute accessories, and clipped them on with a key ring.

The jury is still out on what function these little pieces will hold. Zipper pulls for their backpacks? Bookmarks? Reusable gift tags? Who knows. But they're fun. And the kids love them, and that's all that really matters, right?

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