Dragon Slayers

For a recent family movie night I picked up How To Train Your Dragon from our local library. Even though the girls poo-poo'd the idea of this particular movie I was determined to watch it together as a family. They were going to watch it, and by golly they were going to like it, even if it killed them. Well if you've seen it, you know that it only takes about 30 seconds for the plot to become completely engrossing. Which they did, of course, become completely engrossed. To the point that we had to watch it 3 times before we had to take it back to the library.
The beauty behind this movie however, was not the engaging plot line or the dynamic animating. To my kids it was more than a way to kill time. It inspired them. We had several mornings of brainstorming dragon names, which lead to the creation of our own dragon guidebooks. Sometimes when my kids get on a kick like this we'll scour the internet and the public library looking for good resources related to the hot topic at hand. This time we didn't, but that doesn't mean we won't the next time the dragon buzz hits our house...

Here are some of my favorites from their guidebook. Alex was the artist, the girls collaborated on the names and color schemes for each dragon.

(The "Arrow Head")

(The "Troll Master" - complete with little villagers bombarding it with cannonballs)

(The "Tree Creeper")

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