Who we are

We are Petersons
We are the children of God, part of a Holy family that transcends time, language and culture. We are in church every Sunday whether it is convenient or not. Not because we have to, but because we want to.
We are butterfly chasers, daydreamers and puddle stompers.
We are frozen fruit smoothies on a hot day.
We do not own a working television, and have no plans to get one.
We are messy, creative, and fluid. We do not have everything in it's place, and most days we're too busy enjoying life to care.
We have more love than logic. And it breaks our heart as a family that any child should have to go without.
We read, draw, dig, cuddle and explore.
We are in the process of embracing the Russian culture as our own, even though we are still quick with our "nyet pa russky's".
Where others see weeds, we see art. Where others hear a noisy racket, we hear a symphony.
We wonder just how many children God has planned for our family, and where they will come from. Perhaps one from each continent would fill our family out nicely. Only time will tell.
We wonder how God is going to provide.
And we are equally amazed when He does.
We teach our children at home. Not because there's anything wrong with school, but because we like having our kids at home with us. We love watching them learn, grow, create, explore and thrive.
We roll with the punches. Even when they suck. Because we know it's all a part of a perfect plan. A fabulous story that God wanted our family to tell.
We laugh, cry, argue, tickle, complain and love.
We are Petersons, and we are soo blessed.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful family! You keep busy doing so many great things.


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