Summer adventures - The Henry Ford Museum

Last week our dear friend Cathy invited us to go with her to the Henry Ford Museum , up near Detroit. It was the perfect little field trip for my kids. In addition to the cool cars and inventions they had on display, the museum also had a handful of fun interactive exhibits that my children soaked up.

First up, building a Model T. Not a cheap toy model, a real live Model T with real car parts. This thing was big enough for my kids to climb on (which you can bet they did). The kids were handed some nuts and bolts, and a wrench before they received a little bit of training on how to perform their task. Together they put on a running board sturdy enough for them to stand on.

(Alex receiving some instruction on how to tighten his screw)

After they helped build the real Model T, they had a chance to work on an assembly line creating toy Model T's. Alex rocked the motors, Annie installed the seating. Sadly, my brother was not so proficient at putting on the wheels.

(Annie with a finished Model T, fresh off the assembly line)

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Mom said...

Very cool. When you guys were their age, there was NO interactive displays. Grandpa would be pround of his little production line workers.


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