Summer Adventures - Ludwig Mill

For Father's Day we teamed up with some friends from church and headed down to Ludwig Mill to take a ride on the canal boat. Since it was Father's Day, the dads got to ride free. Bonus.
I've been down to the mill plenty of times and walked along the little tow path next to the canal more times than I can count, but I don't really recall ever riding on the boat. So this was sort of a new experience for me as well.
They had some live actors on hand to explain the ins and outs of what we were experiencing and explain a little of the local history related to the canal boats.

The kids totally gobbled up the entire experience.
And so did the adults.

A good time was had by all.
Until a thunderstorm came and rained on our parades. I'm sure Judy's still chuckling about the little umbrella incident. The one where my daughter tried to explain how to use the umbrella, and I very snippily explained I didn't need any help and grabbed it away from her. Then had a split second where I didn't know how to use that umbrella. Yup that's the one. I don't want to talk about it.

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