My new best friend...

Hello new Canon 60D. It's so nice to meet you. I have been day dreaming about you for a whole year now, but for a long time I just couldn't justify bringing you into my family yet. You see, there is a little boy in a far off land who needs to be a part of my family just a little more than I needed you.

But then my old camera was stolen. That sucked. Not really, it had over 30,000 photos on it, and it was ready to die any day. But in searching for a replacement I made a pit stop at the store of Grandma and Grandpa. They had a special deal on a camera I already knew how to use. So even though I really wanted you, I gleefully took their bargain.

I should have just been happy with that, but no. I had a taste for you, and you were singing to me from the depths of Best Buy. So recently I was in a situation where the lighting was absolutely horrible and my photos showed it. I was so miserable, I wanted my photos to be better than they were and I wanted my camera to be better than it was. Guess what. The crazy God that I serve heard my cry. Even though money is so tight right now, He gave me permission. Not only would everything be just fine if I took that crazy expensive leap (not the first crazy expensive leap I've taken this year, mind you), everything was going to be great. If only I could learn to trust God, just a little bit more. God does want good things for me. Including a super slick camera that I never would have purchased if it hadn't gone on sale the week after I had the "I can't afford that" argument with my savior.

So welcome to the clan little camera. I'm sure we'll enjoy getting to know each other. I gotta say. Dude. You're heavy. Maybe you should go on a diet. Better yet, nope. No diet for you. Have all the sugar you want, just be sure you share it with the rest of us.

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