Top 10 reasons why we love hotels...

1. Cable tv. Lots and lots of cable tv. What can I say, we haven't had a working television in 3 months, and we're making up for lost time.
2. Hotels have the best ootchie-schootchie pillows. According to my daughters that is.
3. it's 100 degrees outside, but the AC is on so high that we have to snuggle under the blankies
4. some one else is in charge of breakfast. And cleaning the bathroom. Can't beat that. They'd better have housekeepers in Heaven.
5. Grandma lives "next door"
6. adventure is right outside our front door. If it wasn't 100 degrees outside, and the tv wasn't on I'm sure we'd be out there soaking it all in. Maybe.
7. The most important thing I have to do this afternoon is beat my mother at Bejeweled blitz. Since I did that 5 minutes after I got here, I guess I'll just have to watch cable tv some more.
8. Dude. Theres a pool. And Grandpa makes a good babysitter. I mean lifeguard. I have important things to do today.
9. JUMPING ON THE BED. Need I say more?
10. Life simplified with the people I love. Who wouldn't love that....

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Fun post! I also wrote a post about hotels this week, but I like yours better. I just wish someone else could be in charge of breakfast at home. :)


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