Wake up call

This morning I received a rather interesting wake up call. It wasn't the loud obnoxious one that lives on my nightstand, it was more of a gentle tug, and it was in my heart. Jesus had something he wanted to show me, and he wanted me to see it NOW.

So before my alarm went off, I picked up my camera (because when Jesus has something to show you, it's going to be good, right?) and stepped out into the still cool morning. I walked past all the obviously interesting stuff in my garden, that's not where I was headed. I had my eyes glued to the dew coated meadow next to our house that was dazzling in the early morning sun. I stopped to admire the diamond coated grass that came up to my knees, but that wasn't it either. I walked a little further to the section of 5 foot tall Queen Anne's Lace. There standing in the shoulder high weeds I found my treasure. Not only did I find delight in the beauty of God's creation, but I also found the joy and peace Christ offers when you follow.

So you wanna see my souvenirs?

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