Brick it Up Baby

So earlier this summer my mother and I played bandits and stole some brick from a construction site. You're shocked, I can tell. Quite the team we were, a sweet Jesus-loving girl like me, and my squeaky clean mother. To be fair it wasn't really stealing, they were strewn amongst the rubble waiting to be hauled off, so really they were just trash.

And we rescued them.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
We didn't steal them, we rescued them.
And I put them to good use. Check it out. The flower bed at the west end of my house had yet to see any sort of edger/divider to separate it from the lawn and it looked rather pathetic.


Well six weeks and 100 bricks later, it looks rather dapper if I do say so myself.


Jennie Louise said...

Yeah !!! Good for you... I'm inspired today to write a blog post not dis similar to yours.. cause today i picked up a real bargain! OK, Off to uploadphotos and write my post.
LOVE your blog btw.


Great idea! It looks wonderful! yea to recycling!


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