Family Art Day

If you want your children to be creative, you yourself have to model creativity.
One of the best ways to model creativity is to have family art time. We as a family regularly sit down with art supplies, just to see what happens, no specific project in mind. Sometimes we're inspired by something we've seen, sometimes we just want to make something.
I love, love, love that our local art museum has a family art center that is stocked to the gills with paper, paint, and sculptural items. On certain days they open their doors to the public for family art time.
We recently took some friends of ours down to check it out. What's even better than family art time? Family art time with your buddies.



Love it! We too have art days! no TV, internet.... My kids can give me the grumbles about it, but they always enjoy themselves after we get started! I really like your blog!

Jennie Louise said...

I have recently posted a blog entry about this... Craft day. It really is amazing how much children really do love doing things practical with family. Lovely, happy photos!

Savannah McQueen said...

I love your son's intense look as he works on his project. What a fun day!


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