A Day in our Lives, the Theatrical Version...

The other day I read an article in a magazine about a typical day-in-the-life of a homeschooling family. While the article was rather thorough and accurate I couldn't help thinking it was on the boring side. A little like my typical day. I decided to write a response to the article in my head. It looked a little like this.
Instead of a blow by blow approach I decided to write it as a play.

The characters:
princess twinkle toes # 1 and #2 - they look a lot alike and could actually be played by the same actress. In fact some days I think they are.
their evil gremlin brother - he has a nasty habit of stealing all the pencils during school time and hiding them under his bed. I think he's trying to communicate something to the audience.
the roaming ankle-biter - this part is played by the neighbor's baby. She's only in acts 1 and 2 of our little drama.
Don't overlook the stars of our little show: The fairest in the land (AKA Mommy) and Daddy, who is played by a badger.
* These titles in no way portray the actual temperament of the members of our family.

The plot:
The characters wake
They grumble over their responsibilities. The grown ups, not the kids - they play.
A tornado strikes the entire house, actually I think it's a hurricane. Whatever it is, it has 6 legs and a toddler.
The fairest in the land calls FEMA to come clean up the mess. They're no help. So she enlists the townspeople instead. They're just as helpful. So she does what any sane queen would do, she hides in the tower with a case of chocolate bars until her badger, I mean husband, comes home.
Curtains close! Everyone takes a bow.

See I told you that was more fun.
And sadly just as accurate.


Marisa and Brittany said...

I'm your newest follower from Blog Frog :o) Such a creative little theatrical version of a homeschooling day you wrote... whew! That was a mouthful lol! I teach and I've also homeschooled my children, who are now grown, so I have resembled your description of a typical day in your home. You are answering a higher calling my friend... keep up the awesome, life-changing work!


Hen Jen said...

heh, loved it! Some days ARE like that! :)


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