Of course.

The last year has been one great big object lesson in how to hold on loosely to our posessions. In October nearly every electronic devise in our house gave us trouble (both computers, our television, printer, cell phone, camera lense etc...) it got to a point of being almost comical. In May we were robbed (goodbye television that didn't really work and beloved camera), shortly after the break-in our water heater died, and we spent most of the insurance money from the robbery on a new one.

And now it's the van.

With out going into much detail we'll just say that the other driver should have seen Jory before Jory saw him. But he didn't. Complicated by the fact that our insurance policy didn't include collision. So not only are we out of a car, but we're also out $3,000 that we had squeezed out of our own finances for our adoption but will now going to fix the car.

Isn't that an interesting twist in a complicated story.

So now we play the game called "what is there to be thankful for here?" aside from the obvious - there were no injuries, I could have been on the backroads in WV with the kids by myself, it could have been the motorcycle... etc.
We're thankful that God has a (rather interesting) plan, and that this is a part of it.
We're thankful for the opportunity to talk through the self esteem issues that are surfacing in the kids, and the chance to discuss how our self worth is not tied to our possessions.
We're sort of thankful for another opportunity to trade our possessions for promises.
But mostly we're thankful that this too shall pass, and someday we'll get a good laugh out of it.



Abby said...

This post reminds me of the parade of cars the France family drove to church over the years of Sundays. At least one came from the generosity of your parents. It was frustrating, and occasionally embarassing that the stuff in our family was not as shiny or new. That it didn't work all the time. But those moments gave us France girls a deep and enduring understanding that God is faithful and He alone provides. A more tangible experience than those simply greatful for their parents paychecks. I am thankful today for the journey your children are on. That they too will be able to speak of the miraculous way God provided for their family in very concrete ways. It is hard now, it was hard for me. But I am so, so glad I knew first hand about how only God provides before I was an adult.

elissa said...

Thanks Abby for the words of encouragement. If there was a like button on your post, I'd totally hit it. Darned you facebook for making that stupid button, and double darned everything else in my life that should come with one but doesn't.

Melissa said...

Yikes. I guess you have been through a bit of hard times. Hopefully it is over soon and even better times await. Thankfully no one was hurt, although the car looks awful. Sending you good thoughts.


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