Kid Art - Masking

My kids are such fickle artists. They don't really like to be told what to make. (Wonder where they get that from?) which makes teaching art sort of a strange and unusual event. I go back and forth between throwing art books at them, hoping something will inspire them and racking my brain for interesting and easy techniques that will get them started.
This time I went for a new technique. Masking. Not something new to me, or them, but something we haven't used since they were preschoolers. So I thought I'd bring it out again and see what they thought of it.
The idea behind masking is to plaster your paper with stickers or tape, or anything sticky, then paint over them. Then when your paint is dry you pull the stickers/tape off and the paper shows through underneath. We used water color paper, which holds up better to massive amounts of paint than other types of paper.

They loved it. Of course. They love anything paint related....... I didn't get any after shots because as soon as they had taken the stickers away they packaged them up to take them to show some other homeschooling friends...

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Sara said...

Great idea! I'm busting this one out in the winter!


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