Photographers Walk

The other day I hosted a photography workshop for some friends who had DSLR cameras but were stuck on AUTO. (Blech.) We met up at the local botanical gardens to test out some of the different functions on their cameras, and to talk through the mental processes I go through when I take a photo. Of course we all had our cameras with us and we each managed to snap off some rather stunning close ups. So here are a few of the ones I took.

My buddy Jody participated in the workshop, you can check out the shots that she took here


Jennie Louise said...

very lovely indeed... I'd love a botanical gardens near me. Macro is my favourite type of photography actually.
maybe you would like to check out & follow my blog. It's all about the shots afterall!
jennie. x


Beautiful pictures! i love trying out all the different settings on my camera. Why not have fun fun with what you love!


Oh, I just saw your comment about being in Ohio also. I am between Dayton and Cincinnati.

Dad said...

Your mother's photos were noteworthy as well. She has a lot of potential - we need to encourage her.

Amanda said...

I just signed up to take a class and get our DSLR off of auto!


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