One Big Boat

Since the kids and I were driving home from North Carolina without the grandparents I decided it was probably in our best interest to not push the limits too far. What was really a 1 day trip we turned into 2. Which meant that we still had time for some adventures on the way home.
Our adventure on our first part of the trip was a tour of the USS NC, parked in Wilmington NC. I wasn't totally sold on the idea of touring the battleship, it was really hot outside and I didn't think the girls would really care. I figured we'd stop take a few pics of the exterior then be on the road.


As soon as we set eyes on the behemoth boat I knew we had to see the inside. It didn't help that all 3 were bouncing in their little seats, itching to go aboard. So we did. Go aboard that is.

Hot? yes.
The 9 story boat had no air conditioning, but they had a pretty good fan system below deck, so most of our exploring was down there.

Totally worth it? you bet.


Sara said...

We toured the USS Missouri on our honeymoon in Honolulu. I've never got such a bad sunburn in my entire life. Holy hot! Looks like the kids loved it, though!

Amused said...

That sounds like one neat boat!


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