One Big Bridge

Being from West Virginia and spending a good portion of my childhood vacationing there, the New River Gorge was an old friend that I was eager to introduce my children to.

After driving over the enormous arch bridge, we stopped at the visitors center to get an eyeful of the bridge and the river below. The kids weren't terribly impressed.

Of course.

No worries, maybe they'll be a little more awe-inspired from the view at the bottom. So down the twisty single lane road we go, down and down and down some more, to the very bottom.
When we finally made it to the bottom, we (ok I) parked ourselves on some rocks along the river bank. We chucked rocks into the rapids with a satisfying ker-plop, watched butterflies flit around, and waited for some rafters to zip through the rapids. Which they did, with a whoop and a holler.
I can't say that they found it as inspiring as I hoped they would, but we had fun, got some wiggles out, and scared the bejezus out of some innocent fish...
Mission accomplished.
I think.

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