The Columbus Connection

We recently took a day trip to visit our dear friends that live in Columbus. Cathy, my old pal from college wanted some photography mentoring, which is possible online, but not nearly as fun. So the kids and I packed it up and made the journey across the state to their humble abode.
Sadly, we ended up  spending the majority of the day hiding from the heat.  But we did manage to venture out at one point to a park near her house to let the kids run and look at our cameras.
There were many photos taken, some of which were decent. There were many laughs shared, most of which were delightful.
Good friends, good times.

And Cathy totally has to live next door to me when we get to heaven. We'll share a garden that will always be lush, and never be brown and crunchy (like the park in Columbus). We might even let you come visit :)

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Thanks for making the trip to visit us. It was a great day and we love you guys! I'm glad that our kids are so good together, too!


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