Seat Sack - Peterson Style

If you have kids in public school, you've probably seen these. They are all over the schools that my mom works at. Sweet concept. But I'm to thrifty and creative to invest in such things.

Enter our version of the seat sacks.I think that this one will live on my desk chair in my master bedroom. Right where I can reach it from my bed. Bonus. It's the perfect size for a notepad and pen. Or my keys and cell phone. Or whatever I don't want to set down on my desk because it will surely get swallowed by the clutter.
So far I only have one for myself, but the kids have all ordered them.
It was rather easy to make. First I cut the fabric to fit the width of my chair, then since my chair has horizontal rungs, I made some ties and tied the front piece and back piece together through the rungs (so it wouldn't slide off onto the floor), added a pocket and embellished. Then I quickly filled it with some of the clutter from my desk and was all set.

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