A Letter to the Mouse

 Dear Mouse,

It was so nice of you to come and visit us the other day. While we didn't exactly invite you in, the children rather enjoyed meeting you. 

The day you visited must have been your lucky day. You found the trap and outsmarted it.
Sadly, you're still a mouse, and you're just not that smart.
Here's a helpful hint. Don't try to hide in plain site. Smack in the middle of my kitchen floor is usually the first place I look for live mouses.
It's possible you were blinded by my radiance. Understandable.  It's also  possible you didn't realize you were trying to hide in a wide open space.  Alex says there was something wrong with one of your eyes.
That's what they all say. Personally, I think you were just winking at me.

Like Hey baby. Yeah, I know I'm cute. Getta good look at my tail.

Whatever the reason you didn't run from us, it was nice of you to let Alex catch you and take you back outside.
You know if it had been me, I would have introduced you to my shovel.
Ick. Ick. Gross. Gross.
What would I do without a devoted son to catch mice for me. Clean mouse guts off of my shovel. That's what I'd do.
It's because of my rather helpful son that you survived to scurry another day.
Just don't come back.
A Rather Grossed-out Mom

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TC Avey said...

We had a mouse recently, unfortunately for that mouse my son is not old enough to rescue it and my husband has LOTS of traps. Our little mouse didn't stand a chance against all the traps my husband set out. Thankfully my husband didn't let me know when the "killing" occurred, the only reason I know our house is now mouse free is because the traps have all been put up. Poor little mouse. I'm too chicken to rescue them myself!
Can't wait for my hero to get older, mice are cute...too bad they carry diseases!


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