The Expectant Mother

As we're nearing our court date (still no court date! Stink!) I can't help but think back to that time in my pregnancies that I knew at any moment I'd be ready to deliver. That time was filled with joyful anticipation with Alex, preparing for this crazy thing called motherhood. But with the girls it was slightly painful physically and there was a measure of uncertainty with delivering twins as a "high risk delivery". And now I sit here again. Pregnant with anticipation. This time I'm not delivering a baby, I'm flying across the world to reclaim what is rightfully mine.
And it feels no different.
Picking out cute new clothes for our little guy, new toys that will be "just his", carving out space for one more...
The things we're gathering and tasks that need to be done might be a little different this time around, but in my heart it's all the same.
Any minute now our time will come. My baby will come home. Our family will be complete.
At least for the time being, that is. God and His crazy schemes might lay more children on our hearts. We're prepared for that eventuality.
But for right now we'll bask on our almost-a-family-of-6ness.

Yes, I am an expectant mother. Thank God I don't have to nurse this one.


TC Avey said...

I hear you about the nursing part (though it is wonderful...just a bit painful in the beginning).

I remember when I was getting close to delivering. Every time I would call my husband at work he was ready to drop everything and come home, we were both so ready and anxious. It got to where I wouldn't call him unless I absolutely had to because I didn't' want to give him a heart attack!

Each night before we went to bed we wondered if "tonight is the night"?

Such a wonderful time of expectancy! I'm so happy for you all!

God bless.

Sara said...

LOL You better not be nursing this one! ;)

Many prayers as the court day looms. My other friends that have been "in process" in their Russian adoption are flying home WITH THEIR LITTLE GIRL tomorrow! My heart is so joyful for them, just as it will be for you on Max's coming home day. :)


Hello, thank you for the comment. I have had the scrolling blog list for awhile. When I first started blogging, I had a wonderful friend who helped me with all the techy stuff. Here is the easiest instruction blog I could find.


Savannah McQueen said...

Many prayers. I'm sure you are well prepared but don't forget to take time for yourself before that baby arrives.


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