Heaven, According to Alex

In Heaven, everyone will have their own swimming pool. Alex's will have a fountain that he can make water balloon turtles with.
We will live out in the country with a great big yard, like the one we currently have here on earth
Mom will have a room for scrapbooking (and way more time to scrapbook - says Mom)
Alex will have a whole room just for Legos
The girls will have a GI Joe room
Alex and Max will have bunk beds very much like the ones they have in their bedroom now. except they'll be allowed to jump on them.
There will definitely be free Mr. Freezie Ice Cream, and you'll never have to wait in line to get it.
We can also eat this magical thing called "hot fudge cake" at every meal, and we'll never have a sugar crash. 

1 comment:

TC Avey said...

I think it will also have all our pets, oh, and we can eat all the cake and ice cream we want and NEVER get fat!!


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