Lessons From a Flower Arrangement

Hey friends!
I have another article to share with you! It's called Lessons From a Flower Arrangement, and you can read it here!


TC Avey said...

Beautiful reminder. Sometimes I get so busy trying to be a good mother, wife and Christian that I forget what's really important. I forget to enjoy loving on my son, I forget to stop cleaning/cooking/etc and spend time with my husband.
Isn't it funny how "good" things can sometimes get in the way of the really good things?
At the end of the day it doesn't matter if my house is the cleanest on the block and all the laundry put away, all that matters is that I have shown my family my devotion and love.
Thanks for the reminder!

Jennie Louise said...

Yes an interesting article, thanks for posting. We all need to spend quality time with the ones we love.
Jenni. x


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