Super Momio

To ease the monotony of stay-at-home motherness I often have little day dreams that make each day a little more fun and entertaining. Some days come out rather theatrical, this day shall be played like a video game.

Instead of being Super Mario, can you please refer to me as Super Momio for the rest of the post? Just play along, it'll make the whole scenario a little more fun.

So if my life were a video game, and I was Super Momio, every time I collected another dirty sock I'd earn 100 points. Bonus points for dirty undies. Ew.
My mission would be to take all the dirty socks and undies I collect to laundryland and throw them in a fiery furnace. Or the washing machine. Along the way I'd avoid pencil stealing gremlins and roaming toddlers. I'd keep them at bay by shoot baked goods at them from my special Super Momio gun.


Take that toddler.

Ok, so video game developer I am not.
Don't quit your day job. I know.



LOL, cute! I feel like this some days too. I play Sims to avoid my reality! I can make my family anyway I choose and give them whichever characteristics I desire for the day.
Hey, we have to keep our sanity somehow, right?!?!

TC Avey said...

That's cute, thanks for the idea! Some days can get a bit routine/boring...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!


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