Kid Art - Stamp Making

There are many different ways to make stamps. You can carve designs from chunk erasers, make potato prints, apple prints, or use polymer clay, just to name a few. Sadly most of those involve carving or using a sharp knife, which isn't particularly kid friendly.
So we went with Styrofoam. It cuts easily with school scissors, and is relatively inexpensive. Plus I already had a ton of picnic plates to use up. Bonus.
Since my kids are pretty young, I didn't want to mess with expensive print making paint (which is really thick and soo awesome to work with), so we just used water based kids paint. Which isn't nearly as fun, but it did what we needed. And since it's not nearly as expensive as print making paint, I didn't have to freak out when they poured huge globs of it on their tray.

Supplies: paper, pencil, school scissors, Styrofoam plates, paint. 
step 1. use a rather blunt pencil to draw your picture on the plate and cut out. You can add details to the stamp by drawing on it with your blunt pencil. We also used a hole punch to make "eyes" in the fish we made.
step 2. paint the embellished side of the project and use as stamp. Easy enough.

Some people recommend attaching the stamp to a block of wood or cardboard box so the kids have something to hold on to. We didn't. Ours turned out just fine.

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