Seat Sack - revisited

I already showed you one incarnation of our version of the Seat Sack, here's another one.
This one I affectionately call the Bed Sack

There is nowhere for a boy who sleeps on the top bunk to keep his books and pens and such. I could put up a shelf, but what fun would that be.
Bed Sack to the rescue.

When I was designing this thing in my head, I contemplated making a bag that would go over the rails of his headboard or foot board and tie together, like the last one did, but I had these cool caribbeaner clips that we found at Walmart in the back-to-school section that I really wanted to use. So I made a little bag that could clip he could just clip to his bed instead.

On a side note, you know what happens when you let your 9 year old dig through the fabric stash, he's going to come up with the most god-awful print from the 80's. Yes he is. But since it is his, and it does match the rather god-awful red bunkbed (which was free, so what can I say) I just went with it. 

I constructed a rather simple bag, parrot fabric on the outside, with a plaid lining on the inside to make it a little stronger. I didn't really have a pattern, I just started cutting and stitching :)
- after I cut two pieces of fabric that are the same size, I cut a pocket and measured and stitched it onto where I thought the front center would be.
- Then I sewed the outer layer into a bag shape and the lining into a bag shape.
- then I pinned the lining into the bag, stitched, around the U of the bag, and sewed around the top shut to join the two pieces
If I had been intelligent I would have added the straps as I was stitching the top of the outer shell to the lining, but I didn't. So I stitched them into the inside of the bag.

Clip it to the bed and fill it with boy junk.



Cute idea! We also have those bunk beds(free/given to us as well), luckily we got the white set! LOL

Megan said...

Did you make one for his brother, or does he have to put his "stuff" on the floor? :)


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